Dual Spec: Oh please Blizzard


Lately there has been a lack of healers amongst the LFG channel. Spending up to two hours looking for healers. As a hybrid class, I get asked to heal frequently but it is just simply not affordable to switch specs all the time to heal for groups. I enjoy questing, it’s the most efficient way of leveling and it is enjoyable. Leveling as a holy spec is painfully slow for questing and it is simply not fun sitting behind a group refilling health bars for 1.5 million experience.

Dual Spec

Blues have dropped a few lines on this concept of being able to switch between two different specs at the click of a button. This system could save the problems in LFG tenfold. The shortage has gotten so bad that people have paid me 100g for the re-spec fee.

Its only got me thinking which spec I would make my off spec.

So what do you say?
Good or bad?


As a product of unmotivation to quest, I started a rogue that I plan to twink at 19. I hear it is rather fun and can be a good time killer.
During the gearing process, you have to run through the Deadmines alot. Considering a few pieces of gear drop inside.

The popular twink armor Blackened Defias Armor.
There are two weapons you may use, the sword Cruel Barb.
Or if you are a fan of the fun play of daggers, Buzzer Blade is available.

I ran through multiple times to grab these, which only made me miss how fun of an instance it is. I currently reside on the Horde side of things, but Deadmines made me miss 'ol Alliance play.

I believe that Alliance have far better starting instances such as Deadmines, The Stormwind Stockades, and Gnomergan.

First of all, the Stockades is a prime area to farm wool, which is a rare commodity when Horde. Wool stacks can be up to 15g at times on my server, rather frustrating when trying to powerlevel your Tailoring or First Aid. Deadmines is a sufficient wool farming area but it still drops plenty of linen and sorts.

Deadmines, well its just a rad instance. Big buzzsaw machine, huge smelting plant, Mr. Smite, Pirate ship? :(

All this makes me want to re-roll
Sorry for the QQ :)

Titles Awarded from Achievements

Below are some of the titles that can be unlocked through various achievements. Be sure to check out the unlockable tabards and mounts. For more details on the achievements browse the in game achievements window.

Loremaster NAME

Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms - Complete 700 (550 for Horde) quests in Eastern Kingdoms.
Loremaster of Kalimdor - Complete 730 (700 for Horde) quests in Kalimdor.
Loremaster of Outland - Complete all quests in Outland
Loremaster of Northrend* - Complete all quests in Northrend

NAME the Explorer

Explore Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland and Northrend.

Justicar NAME (Alliance)

Conqueror NAME (Horde)

Raise your reputation values in Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley to Exalted.

Battlemaster NAME

Master of Alterac Valley
Master of Arathi Basin
Master of Warsong Gulch
Master of Eye of the Storm
Master of Strand of the Ancients

NAME, the Flawless Victor

Win ten ranked matches in a row with a ranking above 2000 at level 80.

Arena Master NAME

World Wide Winner - Win a ranked arena match in each arena.
Brutally Dedicated - Win 300 ranked arena matches at level 80.
Just the Two of Us: 2200 - Achieve 2200 arena rating in 2v2 arena at level 80.
Three’s Company: 2200 - Achieve 2200 arena rating in 3v3 arena at level 80.
High Five: 2200 - Achieve 2200 arena rating in 5v5 arena at level 80.
Hot Hot Hot Streak - Win ten ranked matches in a row with a ranking above 2000 at level 80.
Last Man Standing - Be the sole survivor at the end of a ranked 5v5 arena match at level 80.
Death Touch* - Kill someone within 15 seconds of an arena match at level 80.

NAME, Champion of the Frozen Wastes

Defeat each and every heroic or raid boss in WotLK.

NAME Jenkins

Kill 50 Rookery Whelps in 15 seconds.

NAME, The Undying

Within one raid lockout peroid, defeat every boss in Naxxramas on normal difficulty without allowing any raid members to die during any encounters.

NAME of the Nightfall (Horde)

Twilight Vanquisher NAME (Alliance)

With all three twilight drakes still alive, defeat Sartheron the Onyx Guardian on Normal/Heroic difficulty.


Grand Master Cook*
The Cake is Not a Lie*
Kickin’ it up a Notch*
The Northrend Gourmet*
Second That Emotion*
Critter Gitter*
Our Daily Bread
Dinner Impossible*
Sous Chef*
Captain Rumsey’s Lager
The Outland Gourmet

Salty NAME

Grand Master Fisherman
The Old Gnome and the Sea
The Scavenger
The Fishing Diplomat
Master Angler of Stranglethorn
Mr. Pinchy’s Magical Crawdad Box
The One That Didn’t Get Away
Old Man Barlowned
Deadliest Catch
The Lurker Above
Outland Angler
Northrend Angler
Fish Don’t Leave Footprints
1000 Fish
The Coin Master

Ambassador NAME

Earn Exalted reputation with each of the 5 home cities.

NAME the Diplomat

Earn Exalted reputation with Timbermaw Hold, Sporeggar and Kurenai.

NAME, the Argent Champion

Earn Exalted reputation with Argent Dawn and Argent Crusade.

NAME, Guardian of Cenarius

Earn Exalted reputation with Cenarion Circle and Cenarion Expedition.

How to not suck at Arathi Basin

The whole purpose of Arathi Basin (AB) is to control flags or nodes to which rewards your team with resources. The first to reach 2000 resources wins the match, if you get 5 flags the resources speed up to almost an instant win. Each team consists of 15 people divided into 3 groups. With coordination and team work it is easy to come out on top of the match.

The 5 Flags

  • Stables (Stabs)
  • Gold Mine (GM)
  • Blacksmith (BS)
  • Lumber Mill (LM)
  • Farm


The most common battlegrounds you will be doing will be in PUGS (Pick up Groups). When fighting in a PUG there is not a lot of coordination and people like to do as much killing as they can and then complain when they lose the match. So dont get your hopes up for a 4-1 or 5-0 clean win. The best way to win a PUG will be to hold three flags. Drop 3-4 people on each flag and guard with your life. When on defensive you should be fighting on top of the flag, to prevent rogues from sneaking around the battle and ninjaing your flag. The remainding people should be putting on a light offense to hold the other faction back and prevent a mass zerg.

The all-mighty Zerg

This is the fastest way to win an AB match, but this takes coordination which is normally only avaible as a premade group. You have to act fast and move as a group. Send around 1-2 people to each node except stables or farm and blacksmith, capture all the flags. Have 1 person stay at the farm or stables, LM and GM. Everyone else should group and take the blacksmith but do not stop afterwards, leave one person behind again. Now pick up the remaining flags that have possibly been taken. You should be controlling 4-1 at this point. Take the stables or farm, then camp the graveyard of the faction and do not let anyone by. Now you wait :)


My favourite Expansion Features

New Mounts

, multiple passenger mounts. Need more be said? If you have 20,000 gold (approximate) kicking around, you just got yourself a three person giant mammoth mount. Car pooling? Not only is this efficient for grouping but it has a vendor and a repair npc on it! Get that. New flying mounts and epic mounts, including the new engineering mount .

Death Knight

The death knight is the new hero class of Azeroth, createable if you have a level 55 character on your account. Once made, your deathknight will start as level 55 in the eastern plaguelands with basic green items. Death knight plays a damage and tanking class, using runic powers and frost skills to increase armor and dodge ratings.

Lake Wintergrasp

Lake Wintergrasp is the first world PvP zone, one faction will defend a keep, and the other faction will try to attack it. Meanwhile, both fight over towers and siege workshops in the area. Siege vehicles can be used to take down buildings and walls (which are destructible). When a faction wins, you will recieve a zone buff that enables drops from instances in the zone to be vendored for prestine gear. A very small amount of the features in detail :) Check it out now yourself, and happy questing :)

Wrath of the Lich King

With the expansion release in sight, I thought I would make a quick overview of the new features and content in the upcoming expansion pack "Wrath of the Lich King.

In the newest expansion, Blizzard developed a new continent in Azeroth, Northrend a cold-icy enviroment under the control of the Lich King. About the same size as the outlands, Northrend sits inbetween Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor and above the Maelstrom. Most of the expansion content will be featured on Northrend, including new NPC's, factions, quests, raids and dungeons, cities and much more.

A list of new content added :

  • A new major city, "Dalaran"
  • Death Knight, the first Hero Class of Azeroth
  • 12 new Instances, including an addition to Caverns Of Time.
  • 3 new Raids, Naxxramas will be returning in a whole new enviroment
  • A new battleground, "Strand of the Ancients"
  • Siege weapons
  • Inscription, new proffesion that increases spell and skill attributes and effects.
  • 16 new factions
  • Many new monsters
  • New quests and questing styles
  • New World PvP zone, endless battles over a keep to collect tokens from bosses in instances.
  • Barber shop, modify your hairstyles and facial features at any main city.
More and more information is being released rapidly as the time slowly counts down towards these release of this delicious content that Blizzard teases us with :)

Addon Review : Combuctor

With the release of the latest patch "Echoes of Doom" all of our precious addons had to be put on hold as developers released updates or replacements completely.

This week I will review a fresh addon known as "Combuctor".
After the time of the patch release I was stuck with out a bag organizer, and without my Bagnon I was losing my mind. I began browsing for a new inventory management, only to stumble upon a gem of an addon. Combuctor uses a plain
default Blizzard skin but has three incredibly useful features onboard.

A search field is located at the top to quickly search for items in your inventory, a very helpful when trying to find those dam disappearing items in the mumble jumble of a bag you got.

With character profiling, once you log out Combuctor will save your bag/bank status so it can be accessed on another character. Being able to view your alt/mains bank and inventory without having to log is very very helpful for gathering and auctioning. Faster cash is never a problem :)

And my favourite feature about the addon, the filtering function. In the options menu, categories of items can be selected including, equipment, quest, food, trade goods, projectile etc; all displayed as buttons on the side panel. Once a category is selected all matching items are displayed with large icons that make organization a past.

All thumbs up for this low resource handy tool :)